"Bead"...a small piece of glass, stone, or similar  material, typically rounded and perforated for  threading with others as a necklace, bracelet, rosary  or for sewing onto fabric.

 "Obsession"...the state of being obsessed with  something.

 Do you have a bead obsession?  At Whimzybeads,  we  sure do!  Need a cool place for a birthday party?  Need  a gift for that someone special?  Do you want to take  a class and learn to twist some wire into a cool  bracelet or necklace?  Come see what we have to  offer! 

 We are open Monday thru Saturday 9:00-  6:00.  We  also offer a "ladies night out" one night a week...but if  you twist our arms...two?

 Thanks for stopping by...we hope to see you soon!

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